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My husband and I will be driving from Illinois to the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Great party last night at the neighbor’s house. It was her 40th birthday. Her Husband Brad had it catered and there was fresh salsa and guacamole and paella. Yummy stuff! What a fun time was had by all! It’s easy to get to know people a little bit better at such a casual setting.

Then today was the Super Bowl party in the street. Karl set up a huge screen and had a projector for us to sit in the street and watch the game. Everyone brought a dish and the food was amazing….ribs, chicken legs, roasted potatoes, baked ziti, ham balls, pepperoni rolls, deviled eggs, chili, jalapeno poppers, and much more. Double yummy. We got a chance to meet some new people that we didn’t know and made new friends.

I bought Pete a mosquito repellent device called a Thermacell through Amazon. We used it at our Super Bowl block party. It repels mosquitos for 225 sq. ft (15 X 15) and it worked great!!! We were getting bit and I turned it on and I didn’t get a single bite after that. I didn’t see anyone else scratching or slapping either. So, it is highly recommended. I HATE mosquitoes.

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